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Prezzipazzi is no ordinary e-commerce: with its betting system, users can buy products at a discounted price.

Prezzipazzi was the exception among my typical customers: while I mostly worked for early-stage startups, the company was an established and successful digital business. Their results in the field were indisputable, but somehow design was still missing from the equation; this is precisely what I was hired to fix.

  • 2012
  • Online Auctions
  • Moneymaking
  • Low Bid Auctions
  • Product logo
  • UX study
  • Web App UI

Logo Design & identity

Prezzipazzi - Logo final version
Logo, final version
Prezzipazzi - Redesign of the original Prezzipazzi Logo
Logo redesign View full-size

▲ My work began with a branding challenge: redesigning the logo — which wasn't actually a logo, but just the brand name set in a fancy font — without losing its look & feel and recognizability.

Prezzipazzi - Alternate Logo studies
Alternate Logo studies

▲ I also studied and designed alternative logos, but they didn't make it into the final choice.

A radical redesign or a brand new logo would've disoriented the user base, and that's something that needs to be taken into account when dealing with large audiences.

Prezzipazzi - Redesign of BestPrix logo
Logo redesign View full-size

▲ The same redesign treatment was applied to Bestprix, Prezzipazzi's french sister-site.

Prezzipazzi - BestPrix Logo, final version
Logo, final version

Colors & typography

  • #ff9900
  • #fff
  • Font selection: Droid Sans

UI Design

Prezzipazzi - Landing page
Landing page View full-size
Prezzipazzi - Homepage
Homepage View full-size

My UI Design work tried to rationally organize information and interaction so that users could always be presented with clear choices; it also aimed to convey trust and accountability, in order to challenge the skepticism that often arises with sites that sell products at a heavily discounted price.

Note: in the end, for reasons unrelated to my design work, this UI was never implemented on the actual website.

Prezzipazzi - Bid card detail
Bid card detail
Prezzipazzi - Inactive Bid
Inactive Bid View full-size
Prezzipazzi - Closed Bid
Closed Bid View full-size
Prezzipazzi - Private bid
Private bid View full-size
Prezzipazzi - How it works
How it works View full-size
Prezzipazzi - Won bids
Won bids View full-size
Prezzipazzi - Invoices
Invoices View full-size
Prezzipazzi - Panel: dashboard
Panel, dashboard View full-size
Prezzipazzi - Panel: profile
Panel, profile View full-size
Prezzipazzi - Panel: auto-bid setup
Panel, auto-bid setup View full-size
Prezzipazzi - Panel: placed bids
Panel, placed bids View full-size
Prezzipazzi - Panel: notifications
Panel, notifications View full-size
Prezzipazzi - Panel: notification detail
Panel, notification detail View full-size
Prezzipazzi - Web App Icons
Web App Icons
Prezzipazzi - Visuals for banner ads
Banner ads View full-size

"My UI Design work for Prezzipazzi tried to rationally organize information and interaction so that users could always be presented with clear choices"